Looking for your API key?

Go to Register application, login, and get one. Used in all applications and for various WordPress plugins.

Here, you will find all of the documentation needed to get started with building an application on top of the data at Mendeley. If you plan to build an app that requires accessing specific user information, then we recommend reading up on the authentication resources.

We also recommend reviewing the types of HTTP responses and errors your application can expect, so that all responses are appropriately handled. All of the API methods can be found under the public and user specific resources links.

Finally, please beware that the API terms of service is still being updated and that all applications should follow the display guidelines.

From the Mendeley API Team - Happy Coding!

Want to update the documentation?

Anyone can contribute to the documentation.  First, see this message.  Next, at the very bottom of pages you can edit, you'll see a "sign in" link.  Once you have done this, you'll see buttons at the top of the page allowing you to edit the page, along with other options.

Mendeley API Team Add File upload support April 1, 2011  
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  • Now wikified! We've had a ton of requests, good requests, from developers asking us to make the documentation pages wikis, so that the developers could contribute. Who can argue with that ...
    Posted Feb 10, 2011, 9:31 AM by Jason Hoyt
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